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Pet Kupe music club
Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Author: Radionica arhitekture
Project team: Goran Rako, Josip Sabolić, Ivana Stanić
Designed: 2021
Completed: 2023
Client: Beat Electric d.o.o.
Area: 700 m2

A neglected industrial building previously used by Croatian Railways at Trnjanska Street 5 in Zagreb was planned for refurbishment and conversion into a music club. New user, Beat Electric, decided to fully rebuild the interior of the building so only four perimeter brick walls of the old building were preserved.

The existing structure was strengthened with a new reinforced concrete frame system with steel roof trusses on top. All installations have been completely renewed.

The labyrinth of "countless" offices and warehouses of the old building was turned into a multi-purpose hall.

Single space interior was articulated and organized using „service boxes“ which contain cloakroom, bar area, toilets and kitchen area on the ground floor and office and VIP area on the upper floor. Service boxes at the same time divide the main visitors' space into entrance area and multi purpose hall.

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