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FACULTY OF KINESIOLOGY / Zagreb, Croatia / 2014

Faculty of Kinesiology
Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Type: Competition / 3rd prize
Author: Radionica arhitekture
Design team: Fani Frković, Mario Grgurev, Dora Krušelj, Klara Nikšić, Jelena Prokop, Ana Rako, Goran Rako, Josip Sabolić
Model: Mario Škarijot
Designed: 2014
Area: 8.900 m2

Place for the future sports center is one of the last green oases within the wider city center. Our proposal protects that spatial quality as much as possible. Our role model is the „Lenuci horseshoe“ city park with regularly distributed pavilions in the greenery.
Pavilions are placed forming a "column" in which every individual pavilion is a "line". Pavilions are separated with atriums and connected with a communication backbone on the east. The atriums allow natural light and ventilation.
Several meters above the ground, like a steel ring around the barrel, pavilions are held together by a "hovering" trim trail. Their windows face the the direction of running and are slightly tilted towards the ground, in order to reduce insolation. Trim track also acts as a canopy. Access to the 400 m long track is from the locker rooms.

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