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DELTA + DELTA / Rijeka, Croatia / 2014

Delta + Delta
Location: Rijeka, Croatia
Type: Competition
Author: Radionica arhitekture
Design team: Fani Frković, Vedrana Ivanda, Domagoj Ivanović, Dora Krušelj, Iva Pejić, Ana Rako, Goran Rako, Josip Sabolić
Designed: 2014
Area: ca. 300.000 m2

The Rječina Delta is a big and maybe last chance for the City to go out to the sea and conquer the coast for its citizens. Delta area that separated and still separates two parts of the city with its inappropriate function will connect them instead. Instead of a wired coastline the city will finally get a proper waterfront. The way to accomplish this is called the Two Deltas.
First, the Delta park. Instead of the park being concentrated on the north, we plan a green ring by the Dead channel, Rječina river and the sea that will surround it. We suggest a redivision which benefits all sides. The citizens get a park by the river, the channel and the sea, the investors get a construction area bigger than expected.
The second part, Delta city. This part makes the first one possible. Therefore we suggest an increase of its area, which will be made possible by recycling the left over soil from the construction process. Our vision of the Delta city is the return of the city to its own center.

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