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SEECEL CENTRE ZAGREB / Zagreb, Croatia / 2013

Zagreb SEECEL Centre
Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Type: Competition / 3rd prize
Author: Radionica arhitekture
Design team: Fani Frković, Vedrana Ivanda, Domagoj Ivanović, Iva Pejić, Ana Rako, Goran Rako, Josip Sabolić
Designed: 2013
Area: 14.400 m2

Architectural composition of the SEECEL building consists of four elements: park, school, offices and hotel. First of all we want to maximize the plot's park potential. In order to achieve it we place only the school with hall and meeting rooms low on the ground floor while the offices and the hotel are lifted above.
More important parts of the school are on the ground floor. The entrances are from the bus and tram stop on the Dubrovnik Avenue on the south, and from the opposite side from the street where you can come by car or taxi on the north. Entrances are covered with large offices cantilevers.
After entering the central hall one can enter either the the school facilities, the conference hall, the stairs and elevators that lead us to the offices or the hotel. School areas that require more concentration for learning are on the first floor of the school as is the restaurant which is connected with the school and the hotel. Offices above the school are combination of double row cellular and „landscape" typology. The hotel is a skyscraper. Reception is on the ground floor, restaurant on the first and staff on the second. All the floors above are for accommodation.

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