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Istanbul Disaster Prevention and Education Center
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Type: Competition / 1st prize (287)
Author: Radionica arhitekture
Design team: Sara Jurinčić, Iva Pejić, Iva Peručić, Ana Rako, Goran Rako, Josip Sabolić
Designed: 2011
Area: 6.100 m2

Unlike many incredible places in the city of Istanbul, the context of the Istanbul Disaster Prevention and Education Centre does not ask for too much respect. We decide not to struggle with the unnecessary fitting into the environment. Instead of "competing" with large and architecturally inarticulate buildings which surround the site we choose to "ignore". Among high rise buildings we form a new microcosm, equally traditional and contemporary, a flat house with a garden inside. We are establishing some new / old rules, proposing a space for the visitors and employees to experience a bit of a different, better universe. The new urban element is in fact very old and exists in traditional local architecture for centuries. In order to make it visible from distance one lake inside the garden has a high water fountain that makes this site unique and recognizable in the city landscape.
The garden is defined by communication corridor the length of an athletic track wrapped arround it. Areas of specific use alternate along the corridor rhythmically. Those sections that require more peace and concentration for the visitors are arranged along the outer edge, and the other ones along the internal one, facing the park. Park, garden, oasis, courtyard, playground and all that simultaneously, shade of the tree canopy, water in the lakes, fountain, playgrounds for children and adults... Park is an extension of the hall during the period of nice weather, in case of Istanbul the most part of the year. Above each unit there is a dome, another traditional and at the same time contemporary element, used to place solar panels on the sunny side. The outer façade of the house is protected by glass brise-soleils. On the inner side there is a canopy, which reduces the amount of the sun rays entering the building. For the same purpose we use trees which are densely planted on the northern edge of the park.

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