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FLOATING PAVILION / XII LA BIENNALE DI VENEZIA / Kraljevica, Rijeka, Venice / 2010

Floating Pavilion / XII La Biennale di Venezia
Location: Kraljevica, Rijeka / Croatia, Venezia / Italy
Authors: Saša Begović, Marko Dabrović, Igor Franić, Tanja Grozdanić, Petar Mišković, Leo Modrčin, Silvije Novak, Veljko Oluić, Helena Paver Njirić, Lea Pelivan, Toma Plejić, Goran Rako, Saša Randić, Idis Turato, Pero Vuković, Tonči Žarnić
Model: Authors
Designed: 2010
Completed: 2010
Contractor: Kraljevica Shupyard d.d.
Clients: Ministry of Culture RH and the City of Rijeka
Area: Area: 150 m2
Photo: authors, Želimir Gržančić, Robert Leš, Igor Savatović

Marko Golub: To what extent, in your opinion, does this project communicate your views of the current architectural practice - in creative and social sense?
Goran Rako: To me, the social aspect is certainly extremely important and I also think that our work should adequately reflect the country we live in. I believe that this project might be an indicator that a good idea does not need gigantic funding or a mega-echo. We have entered the age of architecture, but also of art and culture in general, which I would call the anti-Dubai age, after things had gone too far in the opposite direction, towards universal branding of nothing. These were enormus packages, huge boxes without real content. I think that these periods interchange in cycles. Our current period could be linkened to Malevich's painting White Square on a White Field, in the sense that this white square covers the existing background and offers a new surface for painting anew, starting from the ideas based on reality. Our generation is the generation that stands with both feet on the ground again. Our concept is not to wait for the "scandinavization" of Croatia, but to do what can be done under the existing circumstances, whatever they are. (from the the Biennale in Venice 2010 catalog)
On 28th August 2010 the Pavilion arrives damaged in transport in Venice and designers decide to take it back to Kraljevica.

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