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ZAGREB AIRPORT TERMINAL / Zagreb, Croatia / 2008

Zagreb Airport Terminal
Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Type: Invited competition
Author: Radionica arhitekture
Design team: Ana Boljar, Aleksandra Duka, Blanka Gutchy, Vedrana Ivanda, Kristina Jeren, Kata Marunica, Goran Rako, Josip Sabolić, Mario Škarijot
Model: Jure Glasinović
Designed: 2008
Area: 71.500 m2

Zagreb Terminal is the gateway to Croatia. Is it possible to recognize it from a height of 5000 m? The roof of the terminal emits an unambiguous message using thousand years old Croatian „pixels“. It can explain uniqueness of this place in the world and it can not be used anywhere else with its full meaning.
How will the chosen system respond to the functions it is supposed to accommodate?
We set strict rules of the game. The terminal is the first house, the first small town in the country that we arrive. We monitor how system hosts communications and provides modularity. We observe possibilities of phase construction through countless variations. We see that adding or subtracting elements does not change the character of the building.

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