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ELTZ MANOR / VUKOVAR CITY MUSEUM / Vukovar, Croatia / 2008. / 2014.

Eltz Manor / Vukovar City Museum
Location: Vukovar
Author: Radionica arhitekture
Design team: Ana Boljar, Aleksandra Duka, Blanka Gutschy, Vedrana Ivanda, Iva Pejić, Goran Rako, Josip Sabolić, Mario Škarijot, Marusja Tus
Exhibition: Nikolina Jelavić Mitrović
Structure: Radionica statike d.o.o.
Services: Arhingtrade d.o.o., KGH d.o.o.
Designed: 2008 - 2011.
Completed: 2009. - 2014.
Contractor: Ing-Grad d.o.o., Monte-Mont d.o.o.
Client: Ministarstvo kulture RH
Area: 8.300 m2

The Eltz manor was almost completely destroyed during the battles of Croatian War for indipendence in the year 1991. It was thoroughly renovated in the period from the year 2010 to 2014. Today, the manor building houses the Vukovar City Museum.

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