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WATER TOWER MEMORIAL 1 / Vukovar, Croatia / 2007

Water Tower Memorial 1
Location: Vukovar, Croatia
Type: Competition / 1st prize
Author: Radionica arhitekture
Design team: Kristina Jeren, Kata Marunica, Goran Rako, Nenad Ravnić
Designed: 2007
Area: 1.200 m2

The Water Tower in Vukovar decided not to crash. While being hit by hundredths of missiles, it knew there is no giving up. Between explosions it listened to Croatia begging him to stay straight. While it was standing, it seemed, Croatia won’t fall either. Upstanding and full of wounds it looked like an oak with a steam being hit by lightning and branches being broken by wind. In some other lands people identify themselves with bamboo. A hurricane bends it, but as soon as it quiets down the bamboo tree rises and lives on peacefully. We are not from those lands and we are not about to change. Our symbol is this oak, on our land, defiant and unbending. Our symbol is this wounded Water Tower. It’s placed on a hill from which it can see deep to the East, but can also be seen far from the East. Placing the flag on the top, it knew what’s following.
We are not touching the tower, but emphasizing its message, by parks and other architectural elements, making it most clear. Everything we are planning serves to that. The ceremony entrance stains, the cut towards the street forcing us to bend in front of it. Also, the museum being placed below the park, not to compete with the tower. And the amphitheater. Names of those who gave everything they had are written in the foundations. We give honor to everyone to whom the tower meant everything those smoky days.
The rest should be a park, a game place, a place for a new beginning.

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