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Mirogoj Cemetery Southern Arcades
Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Type: Invited competition / 2nd prize
Authors: Bojan Radonić, Goran Rako
Designed: 1995
Area: ca. 30.000 m2

We solved the Mirogoj arcades extension with two seemingly opposing decisions. The first one continues the wall and extends its function of a covered corridor with the graves of prominent citizens and the element that separates the cemetery and the city. The second decision stops the wall to eliminate the competition to the Herman Bolle's (1845 - 1926) one. Within the cemetery we continue the dialogue with the existing arcades, while on the outer side, the one facing the city, instead of high brick wall we introduce a new element, an embankment, the park. The floor plan of the Southern arcades follows the plot boundaries, and the section follows the slope of the terrain. A path runs along the upper edge of the new park with a view to the cemetery and Sljeme mountain, and to the south in the valley, you can see the city.

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