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DEN BOSCH HOUSING / Den Bosch, The Netherlands / 1993

Den Bosch Housing
Location: Den Bosch, The Netherlands
Type: Competition
Authors: Bojan Radonić, Goran Rako
Collaborator: Vincent Van Lent
Designed: 1993
Area: 10.200 m2

Decision to locate one hundred apartments in a city park on the coast of a lake, we take as a challenge. We decide to make a project which will preserve the natural surroundings as much as possible. Therefore the buildings become dunes, the roofs become meadows, and the garages sink into a ditch. The roof surfaces become public spaces like the ones between the buildings, places to walk or play. The architecture is almost without style, role model would be easier to find in the field of civil engineering. The low-tech buildings / dunes are "shifted" horizontally to ensure each other the view to the lake. Southern „living room“ facade is glazed while the northern facade is covered in brick with openings typical for similar buildings. Each of the 117 apartments has a living room that grows in size in accordance with the number of bedrooms or residents.

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