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SPAGHETTI CROSSROADS / Antwerpen, Belgium / 1990

Spaghetti crossroads
Location: Antwerpen, Belgium
Type: Competition
Authors: Bojan Radonić, Goran Rako
Designed: 1990
Area: ca. 300.000 m2

We observe the city as unnatural / artificial landscape and seek its naturalness. We see constant metamorphosis, uncontrolled growth, undefined boundaries. We analyze the city as a medium by means of which man records messages of known cosmos on the surface of the Earth. Then we observe man and we see the only nature that acts consciously. We use the definition „man is the measure of all things“ (Protagoras, Plato), to point to the circle which will be closed the moment ecological parameters become dominate. Our conclusion: we can only come near to the harmony between natural forces and forces controlled by man. Instead of solution, we offer the process. We define the plan as two dimensional diagram on which we superimpose space and time. We enter our concept into the city-chromosome.

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