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THE PERISCOPE HOUSE / Podgora, Croatia / 1978 - 1980

The Periscope House
Location: Jakići, Podgora, Croatia
Author: Goran Rako
Designed: 1978 - 1980
Area: 30 m2

+0 = The kitchen and the dining room. Reading the newspaper. The cast in concrete base embedded in "live rock" and covered by coarse slabs of local grey and blue limestone. After some time, bare feet learn every cockle. One can hear the sound of crickets, in fact the noise.
+1 = The room. Lying beneath the mirror positioned to catch the changes of the weather by watching the surface of the sea.
+2 = The drawing room and the library of books which should always be brought along. One of these books describes Ozenfant House.
+3 = The crow's nest. It will be about one metre above the green cloud of pine needles.
+4 = The roof. A small-scale unsalted sea in a 3 by 3 metre plastic bad cast in one piece, like a boat. As we splatter in our "private waves", we realise that it would be better that we got down to the sea.
(Oris 13, 2001, an excerpt)

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