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MUSEUM OF THE BATTLE OF NERETVA / Jablanica, Bosnia and Herzegovina / 1977

Museum of the Battle of Neretva
Location: Jablanica, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Type: Competition
Authors: Miloš Pecotić, Goran Rako
Model: Branka Kaminski
Designed: 1977
Area: 800 m2

The Bridge:
On arrival, the funnel / amphitheater directs us to the memorial route, to the trench with inscribed names of those who have passed through, during the battle. At the end of the corridor without a roof, is the staircase that descends to the right bank of the Neretva river, to the remains of the Bridge destroyed in year 1943's. A suspension bridge (that swings) conveys us over the river. On the left bank, steep stairway incised into a pillar of the bridge directs us to the way of departure.
The Museum:
The Museum building is cut into the right bank of the Neretva river and rotated toward the Bridge with its only facade facing it. One enters the building through the roof and descends using viewpoint stairs to the exhibition area, library, theater / cinema, school.

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