HVAR ISLAND VILLA / Hvar Island, Croatia / 2006




Hvar Island Villa

Location: Hvar Island, Croatia
Author: Radionica arhitekture

Design team: Goran Rako, Nenad Ravnić, Josip Sabolić
Designed: 2006

Area: 400 m²


In a decaying terraced landscape once covered with vineyards and olive groves we design a prototype of a villa that should become a basic element of a luxury tourist resort. We try to use the maximum of the given topography and architectural elements that the residents of Adriatic islands use to achieve coexistence with nature.

We "inscribe" a niche into a terraced garden thus sheltering the living space from its surroundings. We create a "semi atrium" protected by walls on three sides, while the fourth side is open to the sea.Then we bridge the courtyard niche with bedrooms dividing it into a sunny southern and shaded northern part.

The rest we leave to the sound of crickets and waves and the smell of olive trees and lavender.