Crljivica Archaeological Park

Location: Cista Provo, Croatia

Type: Project
Author: Radionica arhitekture

Design team: Fani Frković, Antonio Jakubek, Goran Rako, Josip Sabolić, Ivana Stanić

Designed: 2019

Area: 16 ha



At the archaeological site of Crljivica numerous Stećak tombstones, tumuli and wells lie scattered along a busy modern-day road which once used to connect ancient Roman cities of Salona and Narona. The Importance of the site was recognized by UNESCO which placed it on the World Heritage List.
Today, the potential of the site is untapped due to the road that intersects it. We suggest dodging the route (approximately 900 meters long) and building an "embankment" to completely change the character of the place. Instead of a dangerous traffic zone, we're creating a pedestrian oasis.The crescent-shaped "embankment" reduces the noise and view of passing cars. The "embankment" also hides a visitor center inside to preserve the unbuilt character of the site. The part of the road that remained within the archaeological zone is being reconstructed as a Roman road.